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Qingchengshan Mountain (Mount Qingcheng)


Qingchengshan Mountain, located in the southwest of Dujiangyan City, it is the main scenic area of Dujiangyan, one of the four famous mountains of China and one of the ten scenic spots in Chengdu. The scenic area covers an area of 200 square kilometers, and the highest peak Laojun Pavilion is 1260 meters above sea level. Qingchengshan Mountain is divided into front mountain and back mountain. The whole mountain is green with evergreen trees, so it is named Qingcheng Mountain.

Climate & Weather
Qingchengshan Mountain is located in the western edge of Sichuan Basin. The climate in the scenic area is mild and humid, belonging to subtropical temperature and humidity climate. The annual average temperature is 15.2 ℃, the extreme temperature of the hottest month is 34.2 ℃, the extreme temperature of the coldest month is - 7.1 ℃; the average relative humidity is 81%; the annual precipitation is 1225.1 mm; the frost free period is 271 days.

Top Highlights in Qingchengshan Mountain
Qingchengshan Mountain is divided into front and back mountains. The front mountain is the main part of Qingchengshan Mountain Scenic Area, about 15 square kilometers, with beautiful scenery and numerous cultural relics. The main scenic spots include Jianfu palace, Natural pictures, Tianshi cave, Chaoyang cave, Zushi hall, Shangqing palace, etc.; The back mountain covers a total area of 100 square kilometers, and the main scenic spots include Jinbi tiancang, Shengmu cave, Spring fog pool, Baiyun group cave, Tianqiao wonders, etc.

Main Attractions in Front Mountain
Jianfu Palace
Jianfu palace is located at the foot of Zhangren peak. It was first built in the Tang Dynasty (730), and the existing buildings were rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty (1888). There are three main halls, which worship Taoist celebrities and gods respectively.


Laojun Pavillion
Laojun Pavilion is located at the top of Qingcheng Mountain, with an altitude of 1260 meters. There is a statue of Laojun on the top of Qingcheng Mountain, 7.3 meters high and 10.37 meters high. This is undoubtedly the best viewing platform of the whole scenic spot, and the scenery of nearly 100 miles can be collected.


Shangqing Palace
Shangqing palace is located on the top of Qingcheng Mountain, about 500 meters away from the Zhangren peak. Shangqing palace was built in the Jin Dynasty. The existing temple was built by the Qing Dynasty. It worships Li Laojun, the founder of Taoism. There are statues of Laozi and woodcarvings of Tao Te Ching. There are also legendary relics such as Magu pool and Yuanyang well. After going to the ShangQing palace, you can enjoy the sunrise, the magic lamp and the sea of clouds.


Main Attractions in Back Mountain
Shengmu Cave
Shengmu Cave is a natural sand shale cave, located on the mountainside of Guakou mountain, hidden in the forest of ancient trees. The main cave of Shengmu Cave is more than 300 meters long, and the branch cave is more than 1000 meters long. The cave is warm in winter and cool in summer. Zhongru Stone Mountain is everywhere. There are many strange rocks and gurgling spring and clear water.


Tai'an Ancient Town
Taian Ancient Town is a important hub to "Huaping Laoze Road" since ancient times for entering the Jinchuan from west of Chengdu area. Song dynasty there was set Weijiang Town, after the beginning of the Qing dynasty in accordance with the Ancient Taian temple, the town was renamed as Taian town.


Five Dragon Ditch
Five Dragon Ditch also called Manhe Ditch, about 8 kilometers long. And it gained its name because legend that five dragon hiding in the ditch. There is excellent scenery of Longyin gorge plank road, stalagmites rock, echo wall, etc.


Taoist Culture
Zhang Daoling, who studied Laozi's 《Tao Te Ching》, 《Confucian Classics Astronomy》, learn Geography and other ancient Chinese literary works since childhood. Taoism was founded by him in Qingcheng Mountain. It is said that his heart of learning Taoism can be learned from heaven and earth, and the Laojun in heaven is also moved. The Laojun came to the human world, taught him various Taoist magic, and officially appointed him "the Heavenly Master". There is a cave in Qingcheng Mountain called Tianshi cave, where he practiced Taoism. Taoism later developed into a unique Chinese local religion, which was closely related and influenced by Chinese history and culture.

Address: Dujiangyan City, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province
Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00
Best time visit: All seasons
Admission Fee: 90 Yuan
How to get there: 
By Car: Chengguan Expressway leads to Dujiangyan, and Duwen Expressway leads to the west of Dujiangyan
By Train: You can stop at Qingcheng Mountain High Speed Rail Station through Chengguan high-speed rail
By Flight: From Chengdu Airport Dujiangyan airport waiting room (Dujiangyan Gongyuan Road No.185), you can print boarding check of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in advance, there is firmed shuttle bus to Chengdu Airport directly.

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Mosted Asked Questions about Qingchengshan Mountain (Mount Qingcheng)

I want to visit Mt.Qingcheng on my own, could you please let me know how to get to Mt.Qingcheng from Chengdu?

You can take subway line 2 to Xipu train station where you can take the high-speed train to Mount Qingcheng. The high-speed train ride takes about 30 minutes and costs 15 RMB. It is advisable to purchase a ticket a day in advance since the ticket may be sold out. When you arrive at Dujiangyan Station, you can walk to the shuttle buses which will take you to the front or back mountain. If you drive or take a taxi, the trip from downtown Chengdu to Qingcheng Mountain takes about 1.5 hours.

How much does the entrance tiket cost for Mt.Qingchen and the opening hours?

The entrance ticket for the Mt. Qingchen is CNY80 per person and CNY20 for the Qinngcheng Back Mountain; The cost for the cable cara are: Front Mountain: 35 RMB (one-way) / 60 RMB (round trip), Back Mountain (Jinli): 30 RMB (one-way) / 55 RMB (round trip), Back Mountain (White Cloud): 45 RMB (one-way) / 80 RMB (round trip);

The opening hours for the Mt.Qingcheng scenic area is 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (March to November) & 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (December to March)

How long does it take to visit the Mt.Qingcheng? Do you have any travel tips?

Normally, it takes at least half day to visit Mt.Qingcheng. No matter which mountain you choose, be prepared for a lot of walking and climbing. The steps are uneven and narrow in spots, and they can get slippery when wet. Even though the walk may be challenging, the scenery is beautiful and the path to the top is surrounded by green plants and trees. Once you reach the top, the panoramic views of the surrounding area are very nice.

Do you provide the private day tour service to visit Mt.Qingcheng & Dujiangyan Irrigation System from Chengdu city?

Yes, i provide such tour service. If you travel with us, you will get rid of all the hassles of hotels, transportations, hiking routes, restaurants, etc. Our experienced local driver will escort you from your Chengdu hotel to the entrance gate of Mount Qingcheng directly. And our English-speaking guide will accompany you all the way, telling you profound Taoist culture, story and other inside tips of traveling Mount Qingcheng!

What are the popular things to do in Mt. Qingcheng scenic area?

Mt. Qingcheng scenic area is divided into two main sections, Front Mountain and Back Mountain. The recommended visiting time is one day. It is suitable for families, friends, and individuals. You can visit the several Daoist temples in the front mountain since it is mostly known for its historical and religious distinction, such as Tiansi Temple, Jianfugong Temple and Shangqinggong Temple; You can go to the back moutain to enjoy the fresh air and go hiking there.

Is Mt.Qingcheng a good place for hiking? Will be diffcult to hike there?

Yes, the back mountain of the Qingchengshan is an ideal place for hiking around Chengdu city, Qingcheng Mountain Hike is a 7.4 kilometer heavily trafficked loop trail that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. It is a moderate climb that takes you past Daoist and Buddhist shrines and temples.

When is the best time to visit Mt.Qingcheng?

The best time to visit Qingchengshan is from July to August, because there is moderate temperature and moist air, though in hot summer. It is the best place for enjoying cool summer in western Sichuan. Travel during this period, you will enjoy the most comfortable temperature but there will be much more crowded than other season since it is the summer vacation for the schools. You should try to avoid the Chinese holidays, such as labor's day, national holiday, spring festivals.

What kind of food & drink can we had nearby the Mt.Qingcheng scenic area?

Eating at Mount Qingcheng is similar to Chengdu. The food in Mount Qingcheng is featured with Sichuan flavor and the hot and spicy taste. But in the Mount Qingcheng, surrounded by mountains and old towns, you can taste the chicken which is raised the villagers and old bacon made by local people. Ginkgo Stewed Chicken and Luo Chicken are the famous dish here. If you go to Front Mountain, you will have many options because there are all kinds of special restaurants along the road outside the scenic spot gate; if you go to Back Mountain, you can taste the home cooking of Mount Qingcheng in the restaurants, but it is a little expensive. A bottle of ordinary mineral water is sold at 5 Yuan and Cola at 8 Yuan on the mountain, so you need you prepare enough water before you climb the mountain.

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