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Do we need quiet carriages on trains?

Starting Dec 23, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway will offer a quiet carriage trial service to create a more tranquil and comfortable environment for passengers, according to the country's railway operator. Do you think quiet carriages are needed on trains? Should quiet carriages be expanded to all trains? Readers share their opinions.

02 November 2020

POWERCHINA resolves to complete construction of Tibet highway

The Paizhen-Medog Expressway in Tibet autonomous region, which was surveyed, designed, and supervised by POWERCHINA Chengdu Engineering Co Ltd, recently entered the critical stage of construction and is expected to be completed by July 1, 2021, half a year in advance from initial plans.The uncon...

13 October 2020

Sanxingdui Museum solicits design plan globally for new hall

China's Sanxingdui Museum, a modern theme museum 40 kilometers north of the city of Chengdu, has started global solicitation for conceptual architectural designs for a new hall to house its Ancient Shu Cultural Relics and Ancillary Facilities Project. The contest is worth 10 million yuan.San...

13 October 2020

China: Chengdu to host 2021 World University Games

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) steering committee agreed unanimously to give China's Chengdu the hosting rights of the 2021 World University Games, the Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) announced on Thursday.China's Shenzhen hosted theWorld University...

13 October 2020

Long-awaited Xi'an-Chengdu railway enters operation

?The Xi'an-Chengdu high-speed railway started operation on Wednesday, which marked another milestone in China's rail history.As the first high-speed railway route that runs between Sichuan Province and the northwest of China, it has cut the traveling time from 16 hours to only three hours ...

13 October 2020

Twin pandas celebrate first birthday at Berlin Zoo

Twin panda cubs Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan celebrated their first birthday at Berlin Zoo on August 31.The cubs were the first to be born in Germany and have become a star attraction since their public debut in January.They were treated to a giant ice cake made from beetroot juice, apples, sweet potato...

18 September 2020

Pandas enjoying cool autumn at Shenshuping Base, SW China

Pandas at the Shenshuping Base of China Conservation and Research Center for GiantPanda are enjoying themselves in the cool autumn weather. The Shenshuping Base is located in Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of southwest China's Sichuan Province. -------------------Article From CGTN

18 September 2020

Panda Zhi Ma Selected as Real Mascot "Rongbao"

3-year-old giant panda Zhi Ma, was officially announced to become the real mascot by voting.A naming ceremony of "Rongbao", the mascot of the Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games (WUG) Summer, was held at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Panda Base) on the morning of Aug.19, 2020. ...

31 August 2020

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