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Guizhou Shopping


Guiyang is abundant in local specialties (ethnic-characterized arts and crafts and local products). Among them, the most famous include beef jerk, pepper, log carving, medicine herb, sliver ornament of Miao ethnic minority, cattle horn product, Dixi Mask, batik products which are praised highly as the No. one in China, and Miao Ethnic Embroidery, which is the traditional craft of Guiyang. The renowned shops selling local specialties mainly concentrate at Beijing Road. 

What to Buy

Maotai Wine (Moutai)
Known the whole world over by connoisseurs of Chinese food and drink, the Maotai Wine originates from Guizhou.


Maojian Tea
Originating from Duyun City at the south part of Guizhou Province, Maojian Tea attracts customers by its fine shape and unique style. In the past, Maojian Tea was a tribute for the emperor.


Miao women like needlework. They produce numerous embroidery fabrics with the patterns of golden flowers, silver fruits, colorful birds, the dragon and phoenix and odd fish, etc. During festivals, Miao girls will wear exquisite attire that they have made themselves.


Besides embroideries, Guizhou Miao people are also skilled at cross-stitch work, especially those made by Huaxi Miao girls. Designs in this cross-stitch work take the shape of fish bones, iris, cockscomb and occasionally animals and human figures.

Batik Products
The batik method is a traditional way to dye white cloth with various patterns such as flowers, fish, birds and mountains. Heated wax is used to create these beautiful works of art.


Odd Stones
Guiyang boasts a unique geographic location, where there is a rich resource of odd stones. The stones that are collected in Guizhou have various shapes and colors. They are exhibited in the Yangming Temple (Yangming Ci).


Yuping Flute
The instrument originated in Yuping Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou Province, the Flute is a traditional handmade musical instrument that has a 300 year long history. It was formed part of the tribute given to royal members during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The patterns on the flute embody lifelike depictions of creatures and natural sceneries. The flute when played produces an attractive sound.

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