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Recommended Lijiang Tours

Lijiang is a place inhabited by many ethnic groups. In addition to the Han nationality, there are 12 ethnic minorities and 22 ethnic groups living in Lijiang. Lijiang is a famous tourist city with three World Heritages: the Lijiang ancient city, the world natural heritage Three parallel rivers and the world memory heritage. Lijiang rich in tourism resources, there are 104 scenic spots, including Lijiang ancient city, Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Laojun Mountain, Shuhe ancient town, anaguo and other well-known tourist attractions.

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Recommended Lijiang Tours

Duration:3 Days 2 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Lijiang Old Town, Yuhu Naxi minority Village, Shuhe Ancient Town, Dongba Culture Museum, Black Dragon Pool Park, Tiger Leaping Gorge, The First Bend of Yangtze River

Tour Style:It is one of the best Lijiang multi-day tour package. During these days, you can enjoy all the best highlights of the Lijiang at your own travel pace. What's more, you can learn about the authenic Lijiang local Dongba culture at Yunnan Dongba Museum and some villages nearby. The tour has a flexible time for arrival and departure, wherever your flights or trains are connected with other parts of China. Our Lijiang local tour guide will pick up you at the Lijiang airport/train station on the 1st day and drop you off on the last day - 100% worry free vacation!

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From $249 p/p

Duration:4 Days 3 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Baisha Village, Lijiang Ancient Town, Yuhu Naxi minority Village,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lugu Lake, Luoshi Viallge, Zhamei Monastery

Tour Style:Take advantage of this 4 days Lijiang essence tour to visit the Lijiang's highlights with the excurison to Lugu Lake, we sure you will fully immerse yourself into the charming natural landscape, experience the real life in Lijiang, learn about the old culture and history of Lijiang city through the Lijian ancient town and others ethnic village, stay overnight nearby the Lugu Lake and you will have chance to catch the charming sunrise scenery over the lake. An all inclusive tour package covers the Englishj speaking tour guide, private transfer between each spots, entrance tickets, meals and accommodation.

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From $276 p/p

Duration:3 Days, 2 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Lijiang Ancient Town, Yuhu Naxi minority Village,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tour Style:Join us for this ideal Lijiang private tour for those travelers who are eager to explore the most popular sightseeing places in Lijiang! During your 3 days in Lijiang, follow our guide to visit the famous Lijiang Old Town, Jade Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorgefamous as well as Naxi Minority Village. One of the best Lijiang multi-day tours that covers professional tour guide service, comfortable vehicle transfer, all the entrance fees, meals and optional accommodation.

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From $216 p/p

Duration:8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Laojunshan Mountain

Tour Style:Take a Lijiang day trip to explore the Laojun Mountain National Park will be an in depth Lijiang travel experience. Laojun mountain is a world of plants and animals, a paradise of nature. It is a place famous for the good ecological vegetation, unique geological structure has become "the images of the earth's original", It is one of the representative landscape and the most spectacular place in 3 river parallel region. With the professional tour guide's leading and convenience of the round-trip Lijiang hotel transfer service.

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From $90 p/p

Duration:2 Days 1 Nights

Attractions(Cities):Lugu Lake, Zhamei Lamaist Monastery, Yongning Town

Tour Style:Spend 2 full day in the scenic Lijiang to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lugu Lake as well as relax yourself here. Travel by this Lijiang tour pacakge, it gives an opportunity to visit the one of the most famous tourist sites in Yunnan Province-Lugu Lake and stay overnight nearby, you can also catch the sunrise view if the weather permits, to learn about the Tibetan buddhist culture at Zhamei Lamaist Monastery. After the tour, we sure that you'll find that the name provides an excellent and truthful description.

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From $163 p/p

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Yuhu Naxi minority Village, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Tour Style:Follow your personal Lijiang tour guide to do a Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Trekking Tour in one day will be a once in the lifetime travel experience in China. Different from the regular Jade Dragon Snow Mountain visit, you will start your trekking tour from Yuhu Naxi minority Village to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to feel its charms. With the Lijiang hotel pick up & drop off service, accompanied by a professional tour guide, all the entrance fee are inlcuded in this package.

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From $75 p/p

Most asked questions about Lijiang Tours

1. What to see in Lijiang?

Lijiang Old Town
Lijiang Old Town is a tourist’s ideal, a picture postcard combination of cobbled streets, traditional wooden buildings and sleepy canals fed fresh water from Yuquan Spring at Black Dragon Lake. The waterways, ponds and wells have continued to be an integral part of the city down the centuries, even after the introduction of piped water.

Black Dragon Pool
A jewel set beneath Elephant Hill, Black Dragon Pool is the heart of Lijiang. One of the most beautiful scenic spots in Lijiang – which is saying something – the extensive pool covers more 430,000sq ft and is home to a number of ancient buildings including a five-arch bridge and an adjacent pagoda. The impressive centrepiece, however, is Longshen Temple. Originally built in 1737, the temple is a frequent setting for flower and art shows. Nearby, on the banks of Black Dragon Pool, the Lijiang City Museum complex contains a huge range of exhibits relating to the various local cultures. In particular, this is a good spot to learn about the Naxi people’s way of life and customs.

Baisha Ancient Town
A small town north of Yulong Snow Mountain, Baisha was a centre of Naxi culture during the Song and Yuan dynasties. The quaint village’s most notable attraction is its collection of 15th century Baisha murals housed in Dabaoji Palace and other Ming dynasty buildings. There are 53 in total, which portray Buddhist bodhisattvas, Daoist immortals and Naxi shamans whose mingling in an ethereal afterlife reflects the Naxi’s sense of tolerance for different beliefs.

Yulong Snow Mountain
Yulong Snow Mountain has been a holy place for centuries and long celebrated for its scenery and views. Yulong’s summit, named Shanzidou (???) or Fan Peak, unfolds 5,596m above sea level. Below the snowline stretch slopes carpeted with primeval pine forests, which turn amber and yellow in autumn. Beyond that, beautiful meadows unfold between trees where herders take their cattle, goats, sheep, and yaks to graze

Dongba Valley
Dongba Valley is a cultural theme park located at the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain. Rated 4A for its scenery – that’s top stuff – the area features five courtyards which respectively display the characteristics of Naxi, Lisu, Pumi, Yi, Naxi and Mosuo ethnic minority people. This is a good place to discover the unique customs of some of Yunnan’s many ethnic minorities. Double down on this by wandering the central band of the street market, which exhibits folk arts and crafts of many other ethnic minorities.

2. What is the best time visit Lijiang?

Generally speaking, from late March through May, as well as mid-October through November is ideal time to visit Lijiang. During those times the temperatures are comfortably pleasant during the day, rain is much less likely, and the seasonal colors are the most dramatic.

3. How about the weather in Lijiang?

Spring begins early and remains dry and sunny until late May, when there is a dramatic uptick in frequency and amount of rainfall that lasts until late September. 

Summers are warm, rainy (more so than it is sunny) and damp, with June, the warmest month, averaging 18.4 °C (65.1 °F). 

Autumn sees an abrupt reduction in rainfall and return to sunniness. The annual mean temperature is 12.93 °C (55.3 °F), while precipitation averages 980 mm (38.6 in), around 80% of which occurs from June to September. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 32% in July to 80% in December, the city receives 2,463 hours of bright sunshine annually.

Winters are mild and very dry and sunny (>70% possible sunshine), although average lows in December and January are just below the freezing mark; January, the coolest month, with 24-hour average temperature of 6.0 °C (42.8 °F). 

4. What to Buy in Lijiang?

Handwoven Cloth
Naxi minority carried on with a sort of autarkic life in the old fashioned for the impediment transportation. For instance, they weaved fabric without anyone else's input, so the system has been passed down starting with one era then onto the next. Their handwoven material gimmicks vivid example, and unvarnished composition with solid people flavor.

Naxi Silver Ornaments
Lijiang is not just in ownership of amazing views and time-regarded Naxi Dongba Culture, additionally claims a mixture of ethnic handicrafts, consolidating fantastic effortlessness and advanced imperativeness in a great way. Indeed in the Qing Dynasty, Lijiang silver trimmings had won awesome notoriety in Tibet, India, Nepal and so on. The silver adornment is delicate and brilliant in shading. It is said that it could likewise maintain a strategic distance from abhorrence spirits in local people's brains.

Naxi Shawls
Sewn shawls of the Naxi Group have been prevalent with female explorers for quite a while. They can be utilized either as extras or frosty ensuring garments. Normally shawls are decently sewn by manual work. Subsequently a couple of them are valuable. Explorers can bring some home as blessings for relatives and female companions. Do pick some Lijiang-styled ones to be in memory of your wonderful Lijiang visits.

Lijiang Snow Tea
Snow tea, additionally called as Taibai tea, got the name because of its shading generally as immaculate white as snow. It can not be developed, however absolutely a wild-developing plant. It develops in the Bryophytes zone, which is around 4000 meters above ocean level. It has great viability in advancing the creation of body liquid to extinguish thirst, gathering up warmth and dangerous material, saturating lungs, bringing down circulatory strain and so forth.

Bunun Bell
Everyone who has been to Lijiang shouldn't be odd to Bunun Bell. In Lijiang, as well as in China, there is one and only store owning Bunnun Bell. In the entire world, there are just 4 stores in number. The other three are independently in Katmandu of Nepalese, Calcutta of India and Athens of Greek. The scenes of Lijiang on the ringer are drawn by the customer, Bunun himself. Also, every chime has its own particular ring, which has traveled to all headings of the world, sending-off security and fortunate.

5. What we can eat during our Lijiang tour?

Naxi potato chicken hot pot
The local chicken in Lijiang will taste differently than the one you bought in the city. The natural feeds and method of raising, after eating the chicken you will no longer want to eat the chicken bought from the supermarket. Yunnan plateau is known for the production of potato, which is called “Yang Yu” among the folks. The ratio between the potato and chicken is that potato is a little bit more than chicken. This dish gives your smooth taste, fresh and good. The potato almost takes all the glorious from the chicken, becoming the leading actor in this dish.

Black goat hot pot
People in Lijiang loves to eat hot pot. You have to mention the black goat hotpot. There are many vegetables and meats you can add into the hot pot such as the black goat meat with the skin, donkey meat, intestines and others. All the meats come in big chunks. Here the lamb is sold in pounds.

Stone grilled fish
The stone grilled fish select the secret recipe for the soup, the fish tastes fresh. The local raised chicken and the wild grown mushrooms are the rare ingredients for the dish. The authentic taste, and the health value makes the uniqueness of the stone grilled fish.

Lijiang marinated rib hot pot
The third dish in the famous Naxi cuisine – main dish. It is not complicated to make, the marinated rib uses secret recipe, boiled in the water with no other sauce. You can have the marinated rib in any restaurant in Lijiang. Cooked with Lijiang marinated rib with potato, bean sprout, melon, tomato, the meat is soft but not separated from the bone.

Lijiang Baba
Lijiang Baba is a unique local cuisine, using the fine wheat noodles produced locally, make into dough with the spring from the Yulong mountain. The marble slate is wiped with vegetable oil, the sesame seeds and other sauce are added in the middle.

6. How to get to Luguhu from Lijiang?

By Bus
Tourists could take bus to Lugu Lake at Lijiang Bus Station, and it will arrive Luguhu Bus Station at Daluoshui Village after 5 hours. 
Time: 09: 00, 10:00, 15:00; Ticket: 70 yuan.

By tourist express
Tourists could take the tourist express at Lijiang Ancient Town, and the express to Lugu Lake departs at 9:00 AM. The ticket for a single trip is 60 yuan. The returning time is at 9:00 and 13:00.

Rent a car
If you are in a big group, you could charter a car for a relaxing tour to Lugu Lake. And the fare for a round trip by chartering a car is about 3000 yuan. You could book a car rental service from us or turn to the hotel you check in in Lijiang for help.

7. How to get to Lijiang?

By plane
Lijiang Sanyi Airport offers many flights to Kunming throughout the day. Less frequent flights also go to the bigger Chinese cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Xi'an, sometimes directly and sometimes through a connecting flight. The shuttle to Kunming is only 50 minutes and costs between 400-700RMB with tax. International flights have begun since mid-2011 but at the moment, there are flights only to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong and Taiwan; and occasionally Seoul (Korea).

By train
There are several daily services to Dali and Kunming. A ticket booking office is located on the north side of the road several hundred metres west of the bus station. The train station is an impressive structure about 7km south of Lijiang old town. Several public bus lines serve the station, including the number 18, 16 and some number 4 buses (every 30-40 minutes). Fare is 2 yuan. Taxis are reluctant to use the meter and will demand high fares of 30-40 yuan, though with bargaining 15 yuan may be possible. Be aware that taxis are not easy to come by at Lijiang railway station. An alternative is the small SUV-type vans which cruise around offering a share-taxi service.

By bus
There are two bus stations, one located south of the old city called the Lijiang Bus Station ?????, and another between Shuhe Old Town and Lijiang Old Town called the Express Bus Station ?????. Regular services to/from Shangrila and Dali and overnight service from Kunming stop at both stations. There is also a bus to Kunming travelling in daytime, taking about 8 hours. You can take the bus 11 in front of either of the bus stations to the old town or take a taxi.

8. Is the Lugu Lake worth to visit?

The Lugu Lake is located between Ninglang County in Yunnan Province and Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province, 300 kilometers away from Lijiang County. It is a plateau lake with a total area of 52 square kilometers, 2685 meters above sea level. The average depth is 45 meters, the deepest point being 93 meters. The water is very clear. The lake remains an uncontaminated plateau lake.

9. My parents are interested in the Impression Lijiang Show, is it worth watching when they do a Lijiang tour?

If you have time, you should catch the Impression Lijiang Show. It’s performed daily and tickets is very inexpensive for a show the likes of which you’ve never seen and are sure to never forget. The Impression Lijiang show is a live spectacle of music and dancing highlighting local cultures and performed in an outdoor park set against spectacular alpine scenery. The show features hundreds of performers in colorful costumes and was created by the famed movie director Zhang Yimou.

10. Do offer Yunnan Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Tours? How long does it take and the trekking level of it?

Yes, we can arrange the Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking Tour with an experienced Yunnan local tour guide. Normally, it takes 2 or 3 days to trek from one end of Tiger Leaping Gorge to the other, and it really is a must-do if you are backpacking in Yunnan. It’s a fairly easy trek and there are some great little guesthouses along the way.

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