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How to Visit Emei Mountain

Post Date: 2020/08/17 09:20
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Emei Mountain is one of the four Buddhist mountains in China. The mountain is located in the basin of emeiSichuan Province. The beautiful majesty of this mountain has caused it to be named Emei, “The most beautiful mountain under heaven.” Visitors of this mountain are treated to several peaks, bubbling springs, cascading waterfalls, tall ancient trees and abundant flowers along the many mountain paths leading to the many scenic spots and temples that dot the mountain side from the base to the summit. Belows are the travel information about how to visit Emei Mountain:

Climate & Weather
Emei Mountain is located in climate subtropical monsoon climate region, affected by the terrain and high altitude of Mount Emei, There are many clouds and fog in the mountainous area of Mount Emei, less sunshine and abundant rainfall. Part of the plain has a subtropical humid monsoon climate. The average temperature in January is about 6.9 degrees, and the average temperature in July is 26.1 degrees. 

Due to the high altitude and steep slope of Mount Emei, the vertical distribution of the climate zone is obvious. The altitude of 1500 to 2100 meters is a warm temperate climate; Between 2100 and 2500 meters is a moderately temperate climate; over 2500 meters above sea level is a sub-frigid climate. Areas above 2000 meters above sea level are covered with snow and ice for about half a year, from October to April of the following year. There will be snow on the mountain during the winter and in summer it often rains. Please kindly note the temperatures are significantly different between the bottom and the top of the mountain.

1) Spring ( Mar.~May.)
Spring in Emei Mountain lasts three months, from March to May. The temperature in spring from -1?~15?, the average temperature for the daytime is 4?, it will be a big difference between the daytime and night. the weather during this period is cold and humid. It is good time to travel to visit Emei Mountain since you can enjoy the sea of flowers, espcially azaleas flower.

2) Summer (Jun.~Aug.)
Mt.Emei's summer is from June to August, it is a good time to avoid the heat in the city and a good place for resort. Generally, the weather during the summer is cool but humid, often rains on the mountain area. The temperature on the top of mountain is much cooler than the foothill and surounding places, the average temperature in summer is 20?. Summer is a good season to enjoy the cloud sea at the golden summit, the view of sunrise and sunset.

3) Autumn (Sept.~Nov.)
Autumn is also a good time to travel to visit Emei Mountain due the comfortable weather that from September to the mid of November. The average average temperature during the autumn is 12?, but it's pretty cold at night on the top of mountain. It is also humid and cloudy all the time. It's a good time to enjoy the colorful maple leaves as well as hiking around the Emei Mountain.

4) Winter (Dec.~Feb.)
Emei Mountain's winter is the coldest time and there is always snow-covered at the mountain area. Winter lasts around three months, the weather is cold, humid and cloudy with a average temperature of 2?. Winter is cold here but there is less tourists come to visit Emei Mountain and it is the best time to enjoy the "white world" of Mount Emei and go for exciting snow activities with your family or friends.


Best Time to Visit Emei Mountain
Mt. Emei is suitable to travel in any time of the year. The best time to visit Emei Mountain is in spring and autumn, especially April and October. With most cloudy days, this period are covered with more sunny days that other time. From April to May is also the best time to enjoy the blossom of Azaleas, while October is the best time to appreciate the maple leaves on Emei Mountain. In April, people can see the blossom carpet covering the mountain. It is the best time to see one of the famous Mt. Emei scenes – Sea of Clouds. Travel to Emei Mountain in spring and autumn is suitable for who want to hiking there. 

Emei Mountain Seasonal Packing Tips

1) Spring 
If you plan your Emei Mountain Trip during spring, you should prepare some long-sleeved clothes, light coat, comfortable shoes for the sightseeing during daytime. But the temperature is big diffence at the foot and the top of mountain. You should bring the down jacket, gloves, hat, scarf or rent a winter coat if you plan to stay overnight on the top of mountain. Rain-jacket & umbrella are also necessary.

2) Summer
The tempreture of Emei Mountain is getting higher in summer time. You can bring the several T-shirts, wind-jacket or rain jacket, thin sweaters, trousers, long sleeve clothes; You should bring the thick coat if you stay overnight on the top. The sunlight will be stronger in Summer, the sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen also can be prepared in advance. It often rains during summer, umbrella is also important.

3) Autumn
Autumn is a comfortable season to travel to Emei Mountain, the weather and temperature is very similar to spring time. The long-sleeved clothes, light coat, sweaters for September and early October and the overcoats, down jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, hat for the late autumn.

4) Winter
It will be very cold if you travel to Emei Mountain during winter time, you must prepare the overcoats, sweaters, winter coat, woolen jacket, gloves, warm hat and scarfs to keep you warm when you go around for sightseeing. A comfortable Non-slip hiking shoes is a must since the road at Emei Mountain is always freezed.

Recommended Day to Visit Emei Mountain
Emei Mountain is one of famous tourist destination in Sichuan Province, you should plan 1~3 days to visit there based on your travel time. The most convenient way to visit Emei Mountain is from Chengdu, the closest airport is Chengdu Shuangliu International Aiprot, it takes around 2 hours from downtown of Chengdu. 

We highly recommend you visit the Leshan Giant Buddha & Emei Mountain for 2 days trip from Chengdu. On the first day, you will go to visit Leshan Buddha on the way to Emei Mountain, head to your hotel in Emeishan city when you finished the Leshan sightseeing, only a short distance. Spend full day to enjoy the charming scenery of the Emei Mountain, to experience the hiking there as well as to feel the rich Buddhist atmosphere. Return back to Chengdu city after the tour.

If you only have a limited time for Emei Mountain, one day tour from Chengdu downtown hotel is also available. Depart from your hotel in the early morning (around 7am), enjoy 2 hours' driving to reach the Emei Mountain Scenic Area. Then, take the Eco-bus and cable car to reach the top of the mountain for sightseeing directly. Spend around 5-6 hours there, go back to Chengdu city.

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