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Lhasa, the highest city of the world, lives up to its name – ‘The place of Gods’. The first sight of the Potala palace rising above the clouds just enchants the visitors to no end and keeps them there for the duration of their stay in Lhasa and Tibet.

The Lhasa sightseeing tour is what gets many visitors to first get acquainted with Tibet and its culture. The city, aptly called the ‘Religious capital’ of the province has some very impressive monuments and sights. While there are countless attractions to enjoy in Lhasa, there are some worth mentioning again and once again till you can no longer find words to describe what it emulates. Here are some prime attractions on a Lhasa sightseeing tour.

The Potala Palace
No tour of Lhasa, or rather, Tibet autonomous region is complete without a visit to the Potala palace. This simply magnificent monument was the seat of the great Dalai Lamas and the winter residence. One of the most remarkable things people narrate about the place is the first sight of the palace from far.

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Built on the top of Red Hill or Marpo Ri as it is called in Tibet, the palace is well-known and much appreciated for its sheer magnificence. The history of the palace makes it all the more interesting and awe-inspiring.

The whole palace and its splendor is the first site that the visitors enjoy and remember of Tibet even years after they have visited the palace. The view from the top of the palace is quite breathtaking, and one of its kind.

Norbulingka and its gardens
The Norbulingka and the surrounding gardens make a very pleasant and interesting sight to the visitors. Here again, the Palace was built as a summer residence for the Dalai lamas and have some extremely significant religious artefacts in the area. Acclaimed as a UNESCO world heritage site like Potala palace, people visit all-round the year to enjoy the colorful array of flowers and unique flora of the area.

The gardens and the palace itself are serenely cool and comfortable, even when the sun is beating down his rays on a summer day.

Sera and Drepung Monasteries
There are three monasteries which are the oldest, built in the 1400s by the Tibetian kings. The Sera, and Drepung both are present in the outskirts of Lhasa and the Ganden is a little far away.

The Sera and Drepung monasteries, with their whitewashed walls and mammoth pillars, can provide a sample as to how the monasteries work and operate in Tibet. If you think all monasteries are the same, then think again! Every single one of these monasteries and the things that they protect within those huge walls carries great significance to the Tibetians and splendid attraction for the tourists. The silent corridors, the chanting monks and the fragrance of essence sticks make you forget the outside world for a moment. 

The kind of environment that the monasteries provide cannot be had anywhere else in the world. If you think meditation can create wonders to your soul and inner core, a simple visit to the monastery will leave you astonished and completely peaceful with the world.

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Jokhang Temple
Jokhang temple is located bang in the middle of Lhasa in the Barkhor square. As the name suggests, it is a place of religious significance to the Buddhists and an architectural wonder to those who have come to explore. Not only is the building impressive, but what it holds within its walls is as exciting as ever, especially to those who have a penchant for both mystery and history.

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